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Have you ever watched a movie and in it, there’s a hot and steamy sex scene, and when they’re both finished one lights a cigarette? 

I LOVE SEX. I love everything leading up to, during, and after sex. I think most of the world can agree that they too love sex. For some, it’s an unhealthy addiction, but for the vast majority it is an electrifying, heart-racing, carnal, enjoyable act. We all love sex. However, most don’t like to talk about it. We are expected and/or forced to keep our sexual desires and exploits in the bedroom. When I stared this blog; the original purpose was to right about my adventures in online dating and my disappointment with the dating in this era. However, the bad dates are only one half of my experiences. I would be lying if I didn’t confess that some of the best sexual encounters I’ve had were with people* that I met from online. There is something to be said about; a few weeks of conversation, then laying out all that you want to do sexually, exchanging a few nudes, and finally doing the deed. If the sex is all that you hoped it would be, you do it again; and if it’s not- you never have to see this person again.  

It was recently bought to my attention that my openness and talking about sexual encounters (especially the ones from online) may have the potential to rub my future partner the wrong way. To that, my response is; Oh Well. I love sex and I can never and I won’t ever deny that fact. I love the before, the during, and the after of sex.  

I love talking on the phone, exchanging sexy messages, flirting, going out on dates, getting to know a person, cuddling, and kissing. I love the feeling when a man that I’m attracted to reciprocates his attraction for me. I love the feeling of his fingers intertwined with mine and his arms around me. I love the feeling of butterflies when I see his name pop up on my screen or when I hear his voice on the other end of the phone. I love the feeling of anticipation, until the next time I see him. 

I love when he pulls me in close for a kiss, and cups my ass. I love when his hands cup my breasts over my shirt. I love when he gently bites my ear and licks at my neck. I love to pull him close and feel his body pressed against mine. I love when his hands rub up against the flesh of my stomach and he removes my top and bra. I love when he gently nibbles at my breasts and licks at my piercings. I love the taste of his skin; from his neck, to his nipples, down to his navel. I love when I’m totally naked and he explores my body with his hands, and tongue. I love the taste of me on his lips when he kisses me. I love the feeling of his smooth flesh against my tongue. I love the weight of his body on top of mine. I love the art of wrapping my legs around his body and pulling him close to me. I love that my body gets wet in preparation for his entrance. I love when he spreads my legs apart and as he’s kissing me; as his fingers prep me for entry. I love when he enters me, sending a shiver down my spine. I love the feeling of him inside me; deep, hot, and moist. I love thrusting my hips back to him so he knows I’m no pillow queen. I love the art of planting my heels down and flipping him over to ride him. I love grabbing at his neck, nibbling at his ear, and kissing him hard and passionately. I love the feeling of him pushing into me as he’s on his back. I love it when he flips me over, puts me on all fours and takes me from behind. I love when he slaps my ass and chokes me (just a little). I love when he licks his finger and it slips just a little. I love when he pulls my hair and kisses me hard. I love when he says “I’m about to cum” and I love the feeling of knowing that he has. I love when we collapse down on the bed and he pulls me in close. I love when we kiss, and I wrap my legs around him and find my nook in his arms. With the smell of sex heavy in the air and the sound of heavy breathing, I shiver as the cold air passes over my dewy skin, and my nipples begin to perk up.  

This is the scene where one of the characters reach to the nightstand, grabs a cigarette and lights one. They each take a puff and you see the smoke cloud the room.  

Well, I don’t smoke cigarettes, and I don’t like to date men that do. But I do reach down, take him into my mouth and get him ready for round two.  

Now, who wouldn’t love that over a cigarette?